Saturday, 11 May 2013

Second battle of Osgiliath

Siege roll: 3

Scenario roll: 10
Raging river/take the watchtower are not very applicable in this situation, so I re-rolled,
Scenario roll 2 : 4

The goblin captain ordered the goblins and troll over the hill, the ruins of Osgiliath in sight.
From a distance only a couple of specks were atop the wall. Clearly his plan had worked, Dengond and Aerun would struggle to break through the orc lines and now Osgiliath had less than  half a dozen men to defend it. His scouts had reported differently, noting a small force approaching the city from the west. He had neglected this as important, but had tried to hasten the siege to prevent this 'force' from any un-noted advantages.
"Faster Maggots!" He bellowed, and the maggots followed orders.

Oira (+ Peasants) Vs Goblin horde (Control)


Peasants lie down to avoid bow-fire
However the ladders evade them when they rise again
Peasants cast them down
Pushed up
Cast down again

The troll manages to remove a batter point from the gate
The goblins manage to ascend the ladders
Both lose fights, one is killed
More climbing and fighting
Another batter point removed, leaving it in splinters
Like so
The goblin captain calls a heroic move, allowing the troll into the gatehouse

Oira's forces arrive
Oira's dwarves cannot attack or shoot in the turn after they arrive
Finally a foothold at the walls
The troll wounds a peasant,
and a peasant wounds the captain, only to be saved  by fate
the dwarves surround the troll hoping for the best
The battlefield pretty much empty at this point
Despite 10 dice rolled, not a singe wound, even with +1's
Trying to claim the upper gatehouse
Fights inside the battlements
The troll downs two dwarves, the goblin captain is wounded again,
and Oira squishes a goblin
The only contested ladder is pushed down
The dwarves and peasants trying to contain the troll and captain
Another goblin wounded
The three goblins move towards the gate
Much fighting inside the walls
Oira flattened by the troll
A dwarf archer wounded too, leaving the good force broken.
A six is rolled allowing the game to continue
Evil taking advantage of priority
Entering the city
Another peasant injured
And the game ends!
The goblins have more models on and beneath the gatehouse,
on the battlefield, and inside the city
The goblins control all three contested areas meaning 3-0
Giving the Goblins their first victory! (+400R for the victory+400R for capturing an enemy stronghold) = +800R

The goblins take possession of the peasants. Two recover from their wounds, another must miss the next turn. There is a similar story with the goblin casualties, only an archer is detained.

In the dwarven camp Oira and two other warriors recover, another is detained. Oira managed to steal an amulet whilst they made their escape, which they sold to rogues for 50R.

The goblin captain smiled, as he had not done in many months. All orc Lieutenants would look upon him with jealousy, he had gained the first victory for the dark lord and Osgiliath too. He had to be wary. Luthyre, Dengond and Aerun would not let it remain so, not for long at least...

Oira bade the rogues farewell, for he must wait until he had orders to dispatch them. The steward would not be pleased with this, the high morale among the Gondorians is broken and it was his fault. The dwarves beside him tried to persuade him otherwise, yet his mind was unchanged.
A rider came during the night, he bore news and the orders from the steward. It was not good...

Until then


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