Saturday, 18 May 2013

Gondor in Flames turn 10 end

Lieutenants Aerun and Luthyre win the first toe-to-toe battle, at the crossroads, without fleeing.
Lieutenant Anersk is pushed back by Nethar after the assault on north Druadan.
The goblin captain pushes the Gondorian forces from Osgiliath, for the first time.
And Lieutenant Mainz secures his fourth victory over a rogue warband.

Lieutenant Vashner had to retreat north of Osgiliath, and Morge south-east near to the Ithilien forest.
Similarly Lieutenant Anersk retreats south-east towards Cair Andros.
Lieutenant Oira also retreats west to Minas Tirith

Both sides are vulnerable at this point, Minas Tirith can be attacked from Osgiliath by the Goblins.
Cair Andros also, given that there are two companies and the riders of Rohan against the poor Anersk, moreover Cirth Ungol is left almost undefended.

Good Evil
Capital 300 300
Settlements 1200 400
Battles 1000 800
Other 40 0
Supplies -110 -65
Expenses -1600 -600
Total 830 835

Giving Gondor a supreme total of 4068R, and Mordor a smaller total of 1403R.

Right now Gondor is weakened, Osgiliath has been lost and it will be very difficult to retake it, since there is a troll and a considerable force of goblins behind the walls. Even through there a series of defeats, a shot at taking Minas Tirith is considerable. 
Anersk has some back-tracking to do so he can ably defend Cair Andros and the position it provides.
Morge and Vashner are in similar positions as they have to find some defend-able walls to regather their strength.
Rathin at north Harnen has spent turns preparing for Mainz' arrival, by not purchasing a single peasant or recruit.

Nethar and Haldran are in lazy mode chasing down Anersk and trying to secure Cair Andros, which could be done, but first they must consider cornering him to deliver the fatal blow.
Mainz finally approaches north Harnen, they face greater numbers, with only skill as an advantage.
Luthyre, Dengond and Aerun must some how retake Osgiliath, Cirth Ungol against three numerically superior units, again with only skill on their side.
Oira has the greatest challenge to backtrack to Minas Tirith or prevent the goblins from leaving Osgiliath.

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