Sunday, 13 January 2013

Gondor in Flames Turn 6

Previously The goblin horde was summoned from Cirth Ungol, Mainz and Morge where in a race for Pelargir, similarly Nethar and Grash would be for Cair Andros.

Gondor gain priority, and gather 800R.
four peasants are bought for the Minas Morgul settlement, and two initiate rolls for Dengond's company, they receive a Minas Tirith spearman and an axeman of Lossarnach named Yaion. 
Nethar manages two hexes but changes his course for the Druadan settlement, Mainz marches forward only to find another rogue Gondorian warband ahead.

The battle was hard fought, heavy armour on both sides preventing any le-way, Mainz' is wounded but his men prevail and achieve a minor victory of 4-3 and 200R.
The company march on and finally rest inside Pelargir's walls glad they have claim the settlement for their own.
Mainz and the shield corporal gain +1 fight, the bow armed corporal gains +1 wound thanks to his combat skills, also the other archer is promoted to a ranger.

Aerun and Dengond hold their ground, if they stay behind their strongholds walls the goblin horde may be defeated.

Mordor gather 300R
They purchase four peasants, two for Cirth Ungol, one for The black gate and North Harnen.

The Dark Lord urges that the goblin army takes Minas Morgul, The goblins hurry to the city walls to find the defenders ready to receive.

The battle went entirely in the Gondorians favour, who only had two injuries compared to the the eleven goblin casualties. Yaion and the peasant injured returned to full fitness, although Yaion is detained from action for the next turn. Luthyre gains another attack, and a ranger gains Favour of the gods special rule, granting his company one re-roll per campaign turn. Dengond's company have won a Major victory granting them 400R.

The goblin army losses three from it's number, and may decide against a re-siege of Minas Morgul, at least not with their current numbers.

Good Evil
Capital 200 0
Settlements 600 300
Battles 600 0
Other 5 6
Supplies -47 -72
Expenses -800 -200
Total 558 34

Giving Gondor a total of 923R and Mordor 272R

Dengond pulling a major victory over the goblins means that Minas Morgul is safe from most attacks, Osgiliath is vulnerable at the moment.
In the north Grash could easily attack Minas Tirith, then Nethar will be in trouble trying to gain the Druadan settlement and backtracking to Minas Tirith.
In the south Mainz has free rein, he could attack North Harnen to distract Morge from the weak Osgiliath, and would make it easier to control the Mordorian outbreak in the middle-ground.

Until then


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