Saturday, 6 October 2012


Previously I ran out of plastic glue, so went out to get some. Along the way, and my primary intention of going out, I bought a litre of PVA glue for the battle board.
I hope this will be enough, since there was a 2 litre right beside it, which I decided against buying and doing some calculations:

Assuming a 1mm application height, and 1000cm3 of glue(1litre) also overall ratios equate to 6:6 = 1:1 glue to water.

therefore a max. volume of 2000cm3 (1000cm3 x 2)

2000cm3/0.1cm = area = 20000cm2

because I am covering a square board width = length

square root of 20000cm2 = 100 x (root)(2)

which is 141(-ish)cm either way.

the board is 48'' by 48'' = 121.9cm by 121.9cm

so the mixture should easily cover the board

Enough Maths, here's the modelled board:

Anyways, here's the modelling finished, or just more rocks added:

Where the two hilly boards meet
A small rocky patch
Another small rocky patch
A very tiny mound for the plain board
Will hopefully look better covered in sand

All being well I'll apply the sand tomorrow, then spray black then then another glue layer can be applied.

Until then


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