Saturday, 13 October 2012

Board work 2

Today was mostly unsuccessful but things may improve easily.

First I worked out how much glue/water was needed for each board, which given the first coat is at a 2:1, water to glue, ratio means that I needed 160ml of water and 80ml of glue (quite unrealistic).
So half-wingin it, I applied the glue to patches of the board, then spread sand about that patch.
Unfortunately the sand dried in patches, leaving 'wooden' looking ground in areas. To solve this I rubbed the sand freeing the lose bits, then re-applied a layer of glue with the freed bits of sand. That now looks like:

The low hill from a model's eye view
Supposed to be the rocky patch
I also noticed that the larger sand particles came to the edges. If this happens on every board, then I will not be as worried.

The next step is to spray black,
then apply the basecoats,
before applying the final paint,
And then the flocking and varnish to finish.

But before I get into painting, flocking and the likes after the black primer is applied I'll move on to the next board, until all four are done :) .

A smaller instalment this week, but I have been putting together a list of names ready for Gondor in flames!!

Until then


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