Saturday, 29 September 2012


Over the past months, various models get need mending like broken spear shafts, horsemen de-based, sword/shields breaking. Well I've been putting off mending them, until now.



One has a weird spear shaft :(

So in total I have re-glued 2 Knights of Minas Tirith, 5 Citadel guardsmen, Gandalf the grey, an Easterling w/pike, and two Rohirrim, have been glued, Gandalf is still missing his sword ( :/ ), one of the knights is being re-glued again (I was checking that the glue was holding and snap, the shaft broke again), and I have no super glue atm so the others will have to wait :(.
However I still have to super-glue an elf ,1 shield-bearer from the Kings champion pack,  6 Guard of the fountain court,  and wolf from farmer maggot's hounds.

On another note I've done most of the rules for the Gondor in flames, their's still a few left

Until then


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