Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Battle companies tournament - Round 4 Part II

The goblins have been on point this tourney, taking three victories from three and only dropping points to the Gondorians so far, the only thing they need is experience for their four heroes.

The Haradrim, meanwhile are looking for points to put them above Isengard, but the battles have taken there toll and having lost three members last round and just six members for this round are quite outnumbered here. This could be a very one sided affair...

Moria Vs Harad (To Kill a King)

The goblin archer take aim, only to find the Haradrim hidden behind a
stone wall and so their arrows bounce off harmlessly. 
So the goblin archers move closer and fire again, only to find the 
Haradrim have moved to the other side of the wall 
and the arrows bounce off yet again.
The Haradrim return fire, with one piercing a goblin in the chest.
Radmuz orders an attack on the left side of the prepared enemy line.
In the melee a Haradrim spearman is cut down, meanwhile the goblin
archers re-position themselves and manage to injure 
one of the Hradrim archers too.
Radmuz sits back as his warriors charge again.
One of the Goblin heroes is pushed back into the wall allowing the
Haradrim to take multiple stabs at him knocking him unconscious...
Abaan orders the Haradrim charge and supports his warriors too!
The charge has mixed results, a goblin warrior and hero are brought
down but at the expense of a Haradrim warrior.
Hoping to seize some advantage Abaan orders a charge, and the
remaining Haradrim archer to knock his arrow. But the goblin archers 
have re-joined the main foray and so do the same.
The charge goes awry, with yet another Haradrim spearman brought
down by goblin blade, and a Bowman to successive arrows in the gut.
With the Haradrim force in splinters Radmuz and the remainder of his
company engage who they can.
This swarm of goblins brings down the last supporting member of
Abaan's company, who manages to smash a
goblin in the face with his spear.
The goblins then take no chances with the Haradrim Hero...
And he is inevitably brought down under the weight of numbers!
And so with Abaan down the Goblins claim a major victory!!

Moria gain 6 points and 5 influence. Harad gain no points and 2 influence.

Moria – Two warriors recover from their injuries, but one will miss the next battle. Meanwhile the wounded goblin heroes recover, but one gains a niggling injury from his injuries. Otherwise a goblin archer is promoted.

Harad – Six of the injured Haradrim warriors recover. Abaan recovers although gains an arm wound.

After four rounds of fighting the goblin company remains undefeated, therefore the warriors and heroes gain +1 fight and +1 courage for the final battle!

This battle probably went roughly as you might have anticipated, the Haradrim were outnumbered so tried to bottle-neck the goblin forces, yet eventually the greater numbers of goblins outdid the Haradrim, despite a couple of lucky kills on their part, and they were broken and Abaan was brought down swiftly enough.

Company Battles Inf. pts EXP (H)
Moria 4 19 20 16
Gondor 3 4 15 19
Isengard 3 6 9 7
Harad 3 2 6 8
Rohan 3 1 0 9

The Goblins again jump back into first place and the Haradrim fail to move above the Uruk-hai but remain in-front of the Rohirrim.

Next up is the final round, 5. Where the Gondorians battle rock-bottom Rohirrim in Meeting Engagement and the Haradrim fight Isengard in a Contest of Champions.

Until then


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