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Battle companies tournament - Round 5

And so it comes to the final round. The goblins lead the table thanks to remaining undefeated in all their rounds of fighting, closely followed by the Gondorians, then comes the Isengard raiders. Below them are the Haradrim who have had hard fortunes with their members and lastly are the Rohirrim who have yet to make a proper impact, or get any points, in this tournament.

To the fields of battle!

Haradrim Vs Isengard (Contest of Champions)

The Uruk-hai split allowing the archers to take aim, but with little avail.
The Haradrim continue their adavance and the Uruk-hai
retreat to form a single line.
More advancing from both sides and some exchanging of arrows...
Until a crossbow bolt finds it's way into the throat of a Haradrim
spearman who prompts staggers to the ground.
Abaan orders the Haradrim line to continue their advance,
yet the uruks pick their targets carefully...
Another uruk-hai bolt makes it's way into a Haradrim warrior,
meanwhile Gazlur takes a chunk out of another
A somewhat beleaguered Abaan calls all his men to charge the uruks!
This avails to little, but the Haradrim charge yet again.
Although both leaders fight frantically but cannnot make any impact, 
however the haradrim warriors retaliate to having their 
comrades killed by cutting down two uruks.
Abaan seizes the initiative and surrounds Gazlur!
But it'll take more than that to kill the uruk, to make matters worse
another Haradrim succumbs to uruk blade. This leaves the 
Haradrim broken!
In light of this one Harad warrior legs it from the field 
allowing Gazlur and company free reign...
And so the last remaining member of Abaan's guard is kicked while
bleeding on the floor.
This Just leaves Gazlur and his warriors to surround Abaan. The man
never stood a chance really and is easily cut down...
Gazlur got 2 wounds there compared to Abaan's zero, so this gives the Uruk-hai a major victory!

From this battle the Haradrim get no points but gain 2 influence while the Isengard radiers gain 6 points and 5 influence.

Harad – Three of the injured warriors die from their wounds, one will miss the next battle and one recovers. Abaan recovers but takes a leg wound. One of the Haradrim warrior is finally promoted and becomes a Haradrim Raider (+1 fate).

Given they have lost three members the Haradrim use 3 influence to roll on the reinforcement table and they receive two Haradrim warriors, one with dagger and one with spear.

Isengard – Of their casualties one warrior recovers and Uruk 1 dies from his injuries. Otherwise one uruk warrior is promoted.

Goven their relatives low numbers compared to other companies the uruk-hai use 3 influence to roll on the reinforcement table and receive and uruk-hai warrior with shield.

Rohan Vs Gondor (Meeting Engagement)

Marching from both sides...
The Gondorians take up defence of the barrier as arrow and
spear fly over heads and shields harmlessly.
The Rohirrim engage the end of the barrier.
Meanwhile elsewhere on the field, the rider of Rohan gets charged by a
knight with one of his companions close at hand should things go awry.
Ingold calls his men to prepare defensive positions, but Eogar's
men have already engaged them!
The men of Gondor shove the straw-heads aside.
yet ingold takes a nasty gash to the leg...
The Knight also takes a well-placed sword thrust from the rider of rohan,
but his armour glaces it aside and he charges in again!
One of the knight re-joins the fray as the Gondorians assail the Rohirrim!
The Gondorian archer pushes his two attacker back and punches 
one of them. Also Eogar become trapped and gets two spears in 
his gut from Ingold and co.
The odds have fallen in Gondors favour after the last melee...
The Knight gallops around the wall charges the royal guard and watches
his lance clunk the guardsman in the helmet, also the banner
bearer slices through the bowman with ease.
All this time the Knight and rider have been clashing
shield and lance endlessly...
The Rohirrim are reduced to 25% which gives the Gondorians the victory yet again!

Rohan gain no points and 2 influence. Gondor gain 6 points and 5 influence.

Rohan – Eogar, RRG and one other warrior recover, one bowman dies, RRG gains old battle wound. No promotions.

Gondor – Warrior 7 is promoted to CG2, no other promotions. Ingold gains +1 strength.

The Rohirrim had points when they could have got key kills and wounds, although they started well, the heavy armour and experience in arms of the gondorians proved to be worth more, the banner surely didn't help this matter any more. But once they had been reduced by a couple of members, these advantages made all the difference and they couldn't do much more.

In the other battle, the Haradrim had a numerical advantage but couldn't utilise it. The uruk-hai line meant that either side got 3 rounds of shots off before combat, and one of the uruk heroes only required 2+ to hit (due to the Marksmanship special rule) further he had a crossbow, that means he only needed 4+ to wound the Haradrim so was 42% likely to wound per turn (he actually got two kills from this) which is overpowered as hell. So any numbers that had to their advantage were reduced, rapidly. The Haradrim needed 5's to wound while the uruks needed 4's and had a fight value advantage, so naturally they stood very little chance... 

These results leave the table looking like so:

Company Battles Inf. pts EXP (H)
Gondor 4 13 21 30
Moria 4 19 20 16
Isengard 4 8 15 14
Harad 4 0 6 9
Rohan 4 0 0 13

The Gondorians Have a very small advantage over the goblins going into the final battle, the Uruk-hai could win overall given a shock victory, but it would require both Moria and Gondor - the two strongest companies - having very bad battles...

On a more rules related note as Rohan, Isengard and Gondorian companies have no injured members going into the final battle none of the companies receive control of the weapons stash in the final battle. However two of the three companies will be deployed nearer to the weapons stash than the other companies (thus it will be easier for them to claim during the battle)

Next up is, you guessed it, the Final battle!

Until then


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