Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Battle companies tournament - Round 4 Part I

Going into the fourth round of fighting the Gondorians have started well, wiping the floor with an unprepared Haradrim company and then lost to the leading goblin company, but still took points from reducing their forces...

The Isengard raiders however have been prepared from their previous battle with the Rohirrim that ended in their favour, but otherwise are hoping to pick up points after resupplying their company.

Isengard vs Gondor (Storm the camp)

The Gondorians go on the attack and the Uruk-hai
move to defend the camp entrance.
Arrows are briefly exchanged between the two sides, and one Gondorian
archer swiftly finds an arrow through his throat.
Ingold and his men hesitate on attacking, so Gazlur orders one
of the uruks to flank the Gondorians.
Then Ingold orders the charge!!
But the Uruk-shields simply push the men backwards,
cutting down a man in the process.
Another charge from the Gondorians.
The plucky uruk archer punches another Gondorian into submission.
With the initial Gondorian charge negated, Gazlur goes on the offensive.
An one of the archers nearly makes it into the Gondorian camp!
(Which would have meant a Isengard victory)
With the men staring the face of defeat the Knight
lances an Uruk in the face...
Everyone engaged.
But neither side can gain anything edgeways.
Until Ingold order his men to charge unexpectedly,
allowing the Knight to injure another uruk.
More attacking.
The Knight charges again, trampling yet another uruk.
But a plucky uruk archer manages to wound the last remaining
Gondorian camp defender!
With both sides running low on numbers Ingold musters his courage
and calls his men to Stand Fast! Then the Knight
gallops towards the last uruk archer.
Both uruk archer and Gazlur both fall to Gondorian steel.
As so with the raiders cleared from the field the Gondorians are victorious!

This means that Isengard gain 3 points and 2 influence, while Gondor gain 6 points and 5 influence.

Isengard – Two uruks recover, one will miss the next battle and another is killed. Gazlur recovers and gains +1 fate. One uruk archer is promoted and gains marksmanship.
Having lost a member they use 3 influence to roll on the reinforcement table, and receive an orc warrior with shield.

Gondor – Two warriors recover from their injuries, however two are killed. One warrior is promoted to KOMT2, while CG1 gains +1 might and KOMT1 gains +1 courage. 
Having lost two members they use 6 influence to roll on the reinforcement table twice. And they get a warrior with shield and spear and a warrior with shield. Further they buy a shield for the new promoted KOMT2 (-1 influence).

Moreover the Gondorian company gain a banner due to their victory and killing or injuring all enemy models. This banner is given to warrior 7.

Company Battles Inf. pts EXP (H)
Gondor 3 4 15 19
Moria 3 14 14 8
Isengard 3 6 9 7
Harad 2 0 6 6
Rohan 3 1 0 9

So the Gondorians manage to skip over the Goblins to first place and Isengard over the Haradrim.

It got very tight there, initially the uruks had the upper hand, and almost claimed a cheeky victory if it was not for 1''. Yet the Gondorians had to remove enemies before they could retaliate, and this was made possible by two things: firstly actually having a mounted company member that could manoeuvre across the field easily, and secondly Ingold's blade master special rule.

Next up is Moria vs Harad in To Kill a King!

Until then


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