Saturday, 23 April 2016

Face-off 2016 1st round Easterlings Vs The Serpent Horde

Finally! The first round of the Face-off starts!

Some history:
After being ejected from the last Face-off semi final by the Easterlings, the Haradrim are looking for revenge, and the Easterlings to avoid Suladan's blade long enough to kill a handful of his bodyguard. The Easterlings have a numerical and armour advantage, along with their spears, whereas the Haradrim have Suladan and...poisoned blades?

Easterlings Vs The Serpent Horde (A Clash of Piquets)

Suladan moves to engage the Easterlings, as four of his
guard and five more appear from all sides.
The Easterlings brace for Suladan's charge as two more
from both sides enter the field.
Suladan prepares his horse, and thunders into the captain as 
his guard attack the golden warriors.
Suladan simply rides through the Easterling captain and two of his guard 
down,with barely a stride lost, the flashing blade spills blood everywhere!
The golden warriors spread no tear over their captain and pounce on the 
Serpent lord, while there is an intense melee close at hand.
The thicket of Easterling spears proves too much for Suladan's horse,
the blood stained animal hits the dirt along with an Easterling warrior.
The Easterlings continue to harry the Serpent lord and his guard, 
who are holding them up well.
Yet not well enough, the Serpent lord narrowly misses cutting the throat 
of a nearby Easterling. But both Forces attack again.
The Easterlings respond by cornering and slicing through the Serpent 
lords mail, leaving him barely breathing and somehow standing. Meanwhile
his guard actually do something by killing two Easterlings.
This Breaks the Easterlings, and means that the Haradrim are victorious!

Serpent Horde = 10 + 5(breaking enemy) + 3(killing captain) = 18
Easterlings = 4

Hero Kills
Suladan = 3 (5)

The Haradrim had the better of the Easterlings at times. It all came down to a heroic move early on, that favoured Suladan, and really meant that the Easterlings had to contain him and did so very well. Only disadvantage, his guards actually decided to start killing people.

The Haradrim get their revenge and progress! Next up Cirth Ungol Vs Rivendell.

Until then


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