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Battles for the Garrisons Part II

Battles for the Garrisons Part II

Although Hatain has arrived to support Gimli's rash attack on the goblins, his presence is merely an annoyance to the goblins, as his company have not engaged them yet.

Orin has lead his troops to keep the line in defence of the Garrison's. Greszif's forces have been severely depleted. But Durburz has arrived hopefully to keep the goblins in check and even overshadow Orin's earlier heroics...

At the Dwarf garrison, Durburz' troop near the barrier.
Orin cuts through one, a prowler is shot in the face and one goblin 
pierces a dwarf in the thigh as he clambers over the wall.
Durburz calls the goblins to stand fast, and orders another assault.
Four more goblins succumb to dwarf might, Orin claiming another two.
Orin then faces off the goblin king, as the attack persists.
Only one prowler is killed this time.
Back at the the goblin garrison, Hatain halts 
Blayser and the trolls progress.
The other two dwarves block off Blayser's retreat and Hatain 
brings his hefty axe down upon him, cleaving him in two.
The troll is swiftly surrounded afterwards.
Meanwhile a contingent of dwarves approaches the wall.
But is pushed back from the initial melee.
The troll survive the dwarf onslaught.
At the same time Durburz continues his own attack, again having
to call his minions to stand their ground.
But three more goblins yield to the dwarves, Orin getting another.
Durburz notices his limited number of followers,
but still bellows his stand fast again and attacks.
And more attacking.
The dwarven siege goes bitterly, as the troll gives his spear a twirl,
managing to slice through Gimli's mail hauberk.
But the Dwarf contingent manages to get members over the wall!
The troll forces the dwarves back again!
Now the dwarves gain a foothold inside the garrison!
The troll reaches the pyre, he simply has to light it
and the garrison is secured!
Two goblins can't take the pressure, taking flight!
Meaning the dwarves have control behind the barrier!
Unknown to the troll two dwarves creep up behind, and hack 
their axes deep; to bring the troll to it's knees!
The pyre will not be lit today!
Orin's line falters as Durburz sneaks around the side.
But they bring down the goblin that tarried them.
Still all seems secure...
Yet two of the defenders are caught unawares by their security!
The defenses are holding, barely...
Orin dispatches the nearby goblins, and Durburz does 
the same from the dwarves he faces too.
Durburz rallies his final supporter, so it all 
comes down to a single combat...
But the goblin king has shouted enough, 
and the forces take to the wind!!!

Thus both garrisons are secured by the Dwarves!

Blayser's company lost: Blayser, the troll and four goblins. Blayser did not recover from his wounds and one other goblin was killed. Company disbanded.

All of Gimli's company was lost: Gimli didn't recover from his wounds, one of his guards was also killed. Company disbanded.

Hatain lost none of his company. 

Greszif's company lost 11 goblins, the troll and Greszif. Seven of the goblin warriors recovered along with their captain. The troll was killed.

Durburz' company lost all eight prowlers, of whom two recovered, three nursed their injuries and three were killed.

Orin's Company lost nine dwarves. Four recovered immediately, the same amount will in time, and one was killed.

Durburz dropped one of his warriors on the floor in a fit of exhaustion. He had lost too many of his minions, and the dwarf resistance was strong. Several more prowlers and warriors ran to meet him; they were concealed in the shrubbery half a mile from the dwarf garrison. As the day drew on more goblins congregated to this point. By midday Durburz ordered  the troop to move out to the fort, their last resting place before their food ran out. Sadly, even for a goblin king, he had to leave some goblins behind, they would be too much of a burden on him.

When they reached the fort the gates were closed. This meant Blayser hadn't returned, he could be at the weapon stash or the food stocks, they would find out soon enough.
By the time evening came around, and most of the remaining food in the fort had been scavenged, the last scouting party Durburz would send out had returned.
"Durburz! There is something you will want to see!" The scout told. 
Durburz had hoped to move out back to the misty mountains within the next two days after raiding another food stock, to give provisions for their journey.
"What could it possibly be? The dwarves will find out that we have no garrison soon enough and come for us!" He shouted back.
"The dwarves will be the least of our worries." The scout responded.

He lead the king to a ridge which overlooked the southern valley. A handful of black dots could be seen travelling across the plain north-eastwards.
"So?" The king replied. "You brought me here to see a few local rebels in the wild!"
"They have come from your garrison, and travel towards the mountain." 
This took a moment to settle in, he looked to see the pyre was not alight so the dwarves had won the garrison.
Goblins had no custom concerning their dead, so this was a dwarf band.
Either Gimli or the other dwarf captain had been killed or injured, and the company was too small to be a regular dwarf company, so it must be Gimli's guard. If Gimli was killed or injured this meant the field was still contestable!
But the scout saw him realise this.
"There is one more thing you may not have thought about..." The scout said meekly, and the goblin king was shown the plains of the land about the local town. Which was more bad news....

Until then


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