Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A little surprise

Over the last break I covered a couple of scenarios involving the fellowship in Moria and their escape...

Between then an now, I have happened across some more characters in the Lord of the rings universe.

I wanted a powerful evil character, as they have no proper threats from my current collection, with exception to maybe Gothmog, a cave troll, a weakened version of the Witch-king or the Mumakil, all three can be neturalised by the forces of good.

So I bought Gulavhar, the terror of Arnor:

He needs the glueing of a horn and repainting...

I also forgot to get a foot version of Suladan the Serpent Lord before. So:

And finally, to balance the evil filling my collection Radagast the brown is a support for Gandalf.

Personally my favourite version of him
During the remaining couple of weeks left of a long summer. I plan to play through the six scenarios in the Siege of Gondor sourcebook.

Which covers the attack on Osgiliath the year before the start of the war of the ring, up to the events at the Pyre of Denethor.

Until then


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