Saturday, 5 October 2013

Battle for the second crossing

Rathin was the second most successful leader in all the evil armies, since he forced a draw against Mainz, his men respected him for that. But now they could easily face their own slaughter. 
At least if they continued in the same way, which is where Rathin had struck gold.

The southern settlements were not at risk if the Gondorians were occupied, so they had to gain passage south, and there just so happened to be a bridge south of their position. Mainz had also discovered it's whereabouts and his intentions, they just had to get there before he did...

General Mainz Vs Lieutenant Rathin (The raging river)

The Haradrim must get 1 or more models across the southern board edge for a victory.


The archers switch sides allowing Mainz to block the bridge
Or so he thought, Rathin and a corporal hold the Gondorians
But they carve straight through them
The bridge tenses under the weight of the men as Mainz urges his men to attack
And Thuralion strikes well
But the bridge collapses with so many on top of it!
Giving the gondorians a minor victory and 200R

In the Gondorians camp Thuralion and Kator (CG 4) are recovered from the river with no wounds, Mainz on the other hand was washed up half a mile downstream, dead.
Urthor is promoted to Corporal (+1fate) and Thuralion to Lieutenant (+1might and will). Thuralion gains +1strength, Sanas gains the Courageous special rule, Kator gains +1 wounds, Urthor gains +1 courage.
Luthyre takes up the role as General (+1 will and banner special rule), the second in command is yet to be decided.

In Rathin's camp he and Cpl G will miss the next turn, the other two recover from their injuries. The Haradrim warrior goes on unpromoted.

Rathin and his three followers had managed to rest at the edge of the stream just below where the river met the mountains of shadow.

"So tell me good news" asked Rathin jokingly. Jokes were about the last thing they possessed.
"Mainz is dead." His corporal informed him, and Rathin sat upright."Sir?"
"What?! But how?" Rathin actually sounded sincere, he only joked about good news since it never came. But now some had come, yet he felt for the Gondorians.
"This is the opening that we need! Who has replaced him?"
"This is bad too, but..." Rathin paused suddenly. "North men! We must march north!"
Maybe Dengond and Aerun could be sandwiched between the Haradrim and orcs alike....

Until then


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