Sunday, 16 September 2012

Film paintings

Saturday and Sunday films are amazing, sitting through Mission impossible 2, Jurassic park and painting miniatures.

Previously I watched Premonition while painting my Praetorians, and before that Saving private Ryan with painting the rangers.

This time It's Citadel Guardsmen:

Colour schemes as normal(-ish):

Cloaks - Scab red to Blood red (1:0)(2:1)(1:1)(1:2)(0:1)
Tunics - Black chaos to codex grey to skull white (2:1:0)(1:1:0)(1:2:0)(0:1:0)(0:2:1)
Wood and leather - Scorched brown to Bestial brown (2:1)(1:1)(1:2)
Mail and metal - Boltgun metal to Mithril silver (1:0)(1:1)(0:1)
Tunic line - Bleached bone(1:0)

Easily not my best work but they'll do for now.
You've probably noticed that some haven't got their spear(/arms), those will be glued on next time.

Until then


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