Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Scenes from Middle earth

Here's some plastic terrain that I got from Ebay buyings, I thought of doing it like the Battle games in Middle-Earth magazine 54(?) suggested. Anyways, here they be:

The smaller two pieces are own bases because it allows for extra mobility of terrain pieces, and I couldn't think of what else to do with them.

Now the elusive objective markers:

The Shield is 'supposed' to represent the shield of the free peoples.
If you're wondering what the shiny purply-bluey-greeny rock things are. It's silicon carbide that I got from Bridport on holiday, it costs about £2 and you get 100g of unbreakable rocks (unless you get out a hammer, or there's a thin piece). It's not very themed for middle earth but even Sauron would be intrigued, or I hope so at least. 

"This pretty mineral is a compound of Silicon and Carbon and although usually man made, occurs naturally as the extremely rare mineral Moissanite. This can be found in minute quantities in certain types of meteorites." 

To the battleboard! Since I finally managed to make a hot-wire cutter, which I had a need for many jobs, that I couldn't find any more once I'd made the thing.

Of those I set to carve up the polystyrene pieces that made the future hills of middle-earth. Firstly the lone hill, to be placed in the centre of one of the boards.
After cutting:

After sanding down:

This was the starter pieces, so I could get used to my new cutter :), Overall turned out well, a few glitches but not bad.
Then first corner pieces after cutting:

After Sanding down:

The corner pieces are much more difficult than I imagined, they have to match with the other piece, on both sides. Also you would have noticed there are three levels gather than four, again I changed my mind. The gradient of the slope would have been too great to be like a hill.
And the final Corner pieces:

After sanding down:

I suppose this corner is a lot easier to cut because it was designed to be rockier so the slope didn't have to be a gentle slope.

After this the other things to complete this board are: Glueing hills, etc.; Modelling rocks and bumps; adding sand to everything; Spray black; Painting, Flocking. And then done!! 6 more things to do, and I've only done three things :( .

Well that leaves nothing to say, I'm off to compose and play out the 5th and 6th the final rounds of the tournament. A lot can still happen in the final stages of the tourney. 

Until then


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