Friday, 29 June 2012

SBG tournament 5th round Rivendell Vs Minas Morgul

The final three games to go and here's one, the battle for the top.

Normal setup and teams 

1st turn - Evil
Both forces move forward, the orcs rushing off the ridge, Two orcs trip and marks the stones below with orc blood, the other merely laugh. The elves are more careful, coming down off the walkways.

The Elven bows sing, putting down two more orcs.

2nd turn - Evil
The Orc captain readys his warg which jumps easily over the wall, both then directly assault the nearby elves. The Elven captain move to combat near the woods below.

Once again the Elven bows claim an orc life. The Orc captain fares just as well, losing his prized warg to the elven spears.

3rd turn - Evil
The forces beside the woods collide allowing a melee to break out.

The elven bows pierce two more orcs, Again the orc captain is defeated but only takes a wound which is saved by fate. The melee results in an elf and orc being felled.

4th turn - Evil (again!)
Grishnakh charges the elven captain eager for blood. And a brave lone orc marches into the elven archer to stop their arrow storms.

The elven captain blocks Grishnakh's attack with ease(-1might), then swipes his head off clean (he got three wounds, one was removed by 3might + 1fate points), elsewhere 2 orcs and an elf are felled.

5th turn - Good
Combats are issued again the Elven captain launches into the mob of orcs, and his elves fight strategically everywhere else, hoping to gain momentum.

The elves gain the advantage, by killing 3 orcs with no reply from the opposition force. The captain kills one and attacks the banner, but is pushed back, The orc force is near breaking, and it's captains are either dead or to far away from the main force. Btw I forgot to take a picture of the other orc kill.

6th turn - Good
The forces beset on one-another again.

The captain's troops slice through another three orcs, to the response on a single elf. The orc captain is forced back once again.

7th turn - Evil
The orcs are broken, several flee in terror, leaving a handful brave (or stupid) enough to face the elves.

The orc captain finally prevails killing two of his opponents (-1might), The other captain could not match his score, but still kills another orc along with one of his comrades.

(ouch! I didn't think it would be that blurry)^

8th turn - Evil
Five more orcs flee from the battle, either coming to their senses or scared. The Captain orders his kinsmen towards the other captain, the last enemy.

The captain wins but fails to pierce the elven armour.

9th turn - Evil (on a roll with priority the evil force)
The captain loses heart at first but gathers himself to face the elves. He loses but no wounds are cause onto him.

10th turn - Evil
The orc prevents being surrounded (but can still be trapped) moves into the corner. The elves move onto him again.

He batters the spears and blades aside, and stabs one.

11th turn - Evil
The elven captain prepares to attack the orc, but he flees the field before he can engage him.

Leaving the Elves with a total victory, they only suffered five loses, and only had priority for 2 of the 11 turns!
This proves that you don't need priority to win, only a force of elves.

Anyway the score 9 - 1 !
  • Rivendell = 3 + 3(Grishnakh killed) + 3( 1(breaking orc force) + 2(not being broken)) = 9
  • Minas Morgul = 1

and the kills

  • Elven captain = 8(Grishnakh =5)
  • Orc captain = 3
  • Grishnakh = 0

Sorry for all the pics, the ones which I would use show too much shadow, and not all of the models clearly.

Well I'll post the tallying and tables for the previous five rounds, so you (and me) can get an idea of how each force is doing, and who could win?

Until then


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