Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Down but not out

It's been a while.
The AS Homework keeping me from the hobby, but now I have finally finished my AS levels, at least for now the final exams are over. Only till august to wait for the results.

Although all is quiet, the elves (or rather elf) has been working away slowly and steadily.

Much painting, cutting and modelling has been done, but unfortunately little for the time given.

Firstly the rangers:

The base colours were:

  • Catachan Green/Castellan Green for the cloaks
  • Scab red/Khorne red for the tunic
  • Scorched brown/Rhinox hide for all the wood and the leather
  • Boltgun metal/leadbelcher for the blades, spear tips and bow ends
  • Shining gold/Gehennas gold for the sword guards and pommels
  • Bleached bone/Ushabti bone for the edge of the apron type thing

And the following layers:

  • Camo green/Elysian green for the cloak
  • Blood red/evil sunz scarlet for the tunic
  • Bestial brown/Mournfang brown for the spear/bow shafts and upper leathers
  • Mithril silver/Runefang steel for the  blades, spear tips and bow ends
  • Dark flesh/Doombull brown for the quiver (the quiver pattern was then highlighted with shining gold/Gehennas gold)
  • Skull white/white scar for the edge of the apron type thing

The faces were painted with dwarf flesh/ratskin flesh

Now secondly the Praetorian guard...+centurion:

The base layers:

  • Boltgun metal/leadbelcher for the metal(drybrush)
  • Scab red/Khorne red for the tunics, shields, and plumes
  • Scorched brown/Rhinox hide for the leather, wood and centre fold on the shields
  • Bronzed flesh for the...flesh

The other layers:

  • Blood red/Evil sunz scarlet for the tunics, shields, and plumes
  • Bestial brown/Mournfang brown for the leather, wood and centre fold on the shields
  • Elf flesh/Kislev flesh for the flesh
  • Graveyard earth/Steel legion drab for the centre fold on the shields

And other alterations for the centurion as follows:

  • Shining gold/Gehennas gold for the circular decorations

For the guards I chose bronzed flesh then elf flesh, since It added a tanned appearance but lightened by the elf flesh, and I didn't follow the boltgun metal/leadbelcher with Mithril silver/Runefang steel, since their armour may appear to shiny and fantasy-like. Also you probably would have noticed that I used Bronzed flesh for my Praetorians, this colour of paint is unavailable from Games Workshop, however they may be an appropriate alternative from Vallejo or from Wargames Foundry, but if you already have GW paints, I might suggest mixing Dwarf flesh/ratskin flesh with Elf flesh/Kislev flesh and a light brown like Kommando Khaki/Karak stone or Desert yellow/Tallarn sand.

Overall I'm satisfied with the results, but I could easily improve by taking more time on the faces, adding an extra layer to the clothing, etc.

Since October Games workshop have decided to redo their paint range, this includes may more colours,

"In fact, it's doubled in size, with over 70 additional colours to expand your palette and further enhance your models" White Dwarf 388 April 2012 page 120.

Personally I don't like the idea of additional paint names to remember on top of a renamed range already, I preferred the older system, mainly because the names made it easier to find  a specific colour, rather than the newer system eg. shadow grey compared to the fang. But then again I've never been a full blown painter.

In other news I recently made a hot-wire cutter, which has helped to shape the hill in the realm of battle board in progress, more pics will be up soon.

Until then


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