Saturday, 29 June 2013

Something new

Well this morning I went in search of a Gandalf Lego figure.
( The free one from the Daily Mail )

Here it is:  

For most lotr and Lego fans a mini birthday present, 

I was surprised to find spare parts and a spear, which Gandalf uses at some point?

The problems though:

The cloak fits nothing like what is shown (has pointy part), and is difficult to attach to the neck piece.

The sword's handle is slightly too wide, making it uneasy to clip into the hand.
The beard has a larger hole, meaning it wobbles slightly. Even when compressed between the head and the cloak. 

The instructions were suitable.
The plant vine was too flexible but works well with the rest of the pieces.

The good points:

The spider was a good touch and the lamp a nice addition.
The detail on the map is great, the same for the torso which has details on the front and back.


Creativity: 3
Practicality: 3
Cost effectiveness: 4
Quality: 2

Overall a 3 out of 5, pretty decent for a free figure.

Although I can't use it:

(ages 6 to 12 :( )
Until then


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