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Gondor in flames turns 6-10 analysis

The past five turns have comprised of 12 battles, 8 in which Mordor and Gondor fought each other.
Gondor have won 7 of these conflicts, and Mordor only one of them.

The board at the moment stands like so:

Faction spending

Gondor gathered a total of 9259R, 5600R from the settlements and the capital.
and they expended 5556R.
Mordor gathered a much smaller 4634R, 3700R from settlements and the capital.
and they expended 3475R.


Gondor has control over 43% of strongholds and 45% of all settlements, overall 44% of all strongholds/settlements.

Mordor has control over 57% of strongholds and 36% of all settlements, overall 44% of all strongholds/settlements.

Which still leaves 12% to be claimed.

Unit(s) strength

Gondor have a combined experience of 620
63 soldiers and 20 peasants
35 heroes (52 who are above 5 exp.)(23 who are above 10 exp.)(and 5 who are above 20 exp.)

Mordor have a combined experience of 357
62 soldiers and 18 peasants
22 heroes (25 who are above 5 exp.)(8 who are above 10 exp.)(and 1 who is above 20 exp.)

The tide has turned in the Gondorian's favour, for now at least. With less soldiers, heroes and overall experience, things look very bleak for the orc-kind, hopefully there victory over the Gondorians at Osgiliath will inspire the orc warriors to fight for the devastation of Middle earth!

To spice things up, by adding more rules :)

One banner bearer may be bought for each company, if there is a hero with over 30 exp. present, for a cost of 200R. The recruit carrying it must relinquish all other weapons, but may still gain experience as usual

Previously I referred to the leader as the Steward or the dark lord, who gives out the orders and so forth.
I thought it would be a nice idea if each faction had a General and a third in command (in case the General is killed).
  • The general is granted +1 will.
  • And acts as a banner to all friendly models within 3"/8cm of him. 
  • If the general is killed in battle no army of that faction may move, and all models have a -1 courage penalty, for that turn.
  • Second in command are granted one re-roll which they can use for anything while they are in office (Note: rule is voided if they are promoted)
Mordor's candidates included the goblin captain and Lieutenant Morge. 
Despite the goblins efforts, the dark lord did not wish his armies to be commanded by a goblin.
So Morge was promoted and the goblin captain was given second in command.

Gondor had a wider variety of candidates, from the killing machine Luthyre, the experienced Dengond, or the more resourceful Mainz.
The steward chose Mainz as he had not a single defeat to his name, 
Luthyre was given second in command for the number of injured enemies due to his blade.

Dengond was omitted, since he disobeyed the stewards orders at the Third siege of Minas Morgul, leaving Osgiliath open for capture. 

The most recent rules will only take action at the end of the 11th turn.

Until then


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