Saturday, 12 December 2015

Tis the season to be jolly!

Hello again!

So recently the activity on here has hit a new low. This is not only because of life at university presenting the continued existence of exams and of coursework to keep me occupied - But wait, what about the summer, surely you got time off there?

Well... not really.
I decided to embark in a journey that consisted of me trying and actually getting some form of summer job (to keep the parents off my case!)

That's all well and great, however my time spent on doing the war-gaming things I enjoy, not so great :(
Now I have time free! And with this free time I'll talk about the gaming I've planned for over the Christmas break.

In keeping with my own personal tradition, there will be a mini face-off during this time, although this isn't my favourite form of gaming in LOTR, it's a simple thing both to plan for and to follow. Which helps as I don't always have the freedom over Christmas to carry out extensive campaigns, huge battles, painting sessions and modelling terrain; which everyone would much prefer.

The difference this time around is that I've modified the setup a little: there's now a play off between three forces, two so through to the knockout stages, the rest is very similar:

The fiefdoms re-enter the competition after they won the 2013 competition, Moria also enter again alongside Erebor and Rivendell in the play-off stages. Tower of Ecthelion are absent as they won in 2014 (although the final was actually in 2015).

Another thing is that this is a face-off 2016, as by the time I get around to posting most of the battles (like last year) it will no longer be 2015. Kinda like last time when most of the posts for the face-off 2014 were in January 2015 *insert slapface*.

The warriors and heroes composing each force will be included in the next post, along with the scenarios of each encounter between the forces.

Until then


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