Thursday, 31 May 2018

Another supplement

Hi again,

Never guess what I have in store for you? Another campaign. A 'little' less farfetched than the previous one, in fact, could be quite fitting in the Tolkien universe.

PDF - The City

This story is more convincing, but I've tried to emphasise that the city was significant for a small period of time, but that its people were scattered after a number of horrors and refused to explain their travels because of their grievances, so effectively no-one would mention where they came from and therefore future generations would not remember it. 

Is it perhaps a touch depressing? Yes.
Does it have to be that way to make the story work? Also yes.
Have I included a couple of new characters? Yes.
Have I also attached a small fan fiction piece with it? Yes.
Is there a map of the layout of the city because I though it would be nice rather than making generic houses and dumping them randomly down on a field? Yes.

I should note I'll be posting a PDF with the profiles of all the heroes in the campaigns, largely they are normal captains but with an extra point of might/will/courage and maybe the equipment type change here and there.

There are still two more campaigns to come, comments and feedback are duly welcome.

Until then


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